The logo is the graphic image of Entiros. It symbolically represents what we mainly work with - Organic Integration and Dynamic Integration. The leafs have a movement in the middle and can be visually perceived as centralizing information.

The logo should in all contexts be used in the design and colors shown here. In order to ensure visibility, we do not use the logo in size smaller than 21 mm, or 200 px wide. On occasions when the logo is used in very small media, the graphic symbol can be deleted.

Regardless of the pixel size of the Entiros logo itself, it should always be a margin around it as big as the E.

The Entiros logos should always be used with respect and care. These are our most important assets, and it is vital that their use is consistent and thoughtful.

4 Color version

2 Color version, for print only

Black & White version

If the width is too small the symbol should be removed.

If the height is too small this landscape version can be used.

The swirl may be used as a separate symbol of the Entiros brand, but should never be used alone.

Negative version

4 Color Negative version


Avoid tampering with the presentation of the logo. Try to not use drop shadows or change the opacity. Also be mindful of how and where you place the logo. Do not place logos on ”noisy” or busy looking backgrounds.

Poor quality if asset leading to pixelation.

Avoid using any form of shadows and be mindful of what sort of background image you are using.