Integration Flow



Let us show you what we are able to achieve!

When using FlowPilotTM you will get an understanding of how we work with systems integration and how good an integration partner we are.

Gladly we provide your with an appropriate test environment skipping initial investments.

FlowPilotTM results in a fully functional and installed integration.


  • an operational integration
  • environment to run the integration
  • evaluation workshop







Let us show you what systems integration can accomplish!

When using FlowProofTM you will get an understanding of how we work with systems integration and how good an integration partner we are.

FlowProofTM results in an integration you can reuse in your future integration portfolio.


  • a reusable integration
  • evaluation workshop





FlowIntegrationTM is our core product. We are systems integration specialists. All of the integrations we develop are created in the Entiros Integration Centre (EIC) which can be likened to a modern software factory. You can rely on a well established quality system, a large library of reusable components, and last but not least a huge experience.

It is up to you to take advantage of the EIC for the integration development only or also for the specification and test parts.


  • documented, quality assured and open integrations








FlowProjectTM is Entiros overall commitment to an integration project. It is a convenient package deal where you get a FlowStartTM, a FlowLeadTM and a FlowIntegrationTM delivery for each integration that is as part of the project.

We have completed many integration projects from start to finish. Having this experience we gladly accept the challenge to act as your supplier of your entire integration solution.  We will simply be your integration partner.



  • FlowStartTM
  • FlowLeadTM
  • FlowIntegrationTM





FlowStartTM is Entiros way of starting an integration project off. The foundation for a predictable and profitable way forward.

Experience has shown that investing in a proper project start pays itself off many times during the later project.

FlowStartTM is a prerequisite for working with fixed price projects.


  • 1 day workshop with the following agenda items:
    • business goals
    • project goals
    • dependencies
  • Draft scope document
  • Draft deliverables document
  • Time estimation
  • Fixed price offer
  • Risks
  • 1 day presentation workshop




FlowLeadTM is Entiros way of coordinating our integration deliveries. Our project managers have a long experience in the very area of systems integration. Why is that so important? Well, the demands we have on involved parties, both internal and external, are very specific for integration projects.

Systems integration requires experience. With FlowLeadTM you acquire just that extra experience and piece of mind for your project.




  • a quality approved integration delivery
  • specific project management tools ensuring a future proof and sharable documentation