Strategy Flow




FlowHowTM is Entiros integration methodology. The foundation for a strategic and profitable integration work.

Requirements are documented, architectural principles are defined and the organization is prepared for successful integration actions.

Integration processes are described and appropriate tools and metrics are introduced.


5 days workshop with the following agenda items:

  • organization
  • processes and tools
  • requirements management
  • metrics
  • reference architecture based on SOA Reference Architecture by Open Group.




Once the integration process is launched it is utterly  important to keep the right focus. We are used to coach you in all integration related topics. We do this in the context of an Integration Center (IC). Here we initiate change management actions, mange risks effectively and maintain your strategic integration asset.

FlowCenterTM is based on Entiros well established  integration methodology FlowHowTM. At the same time it is always delivered tailor made to your needs and abilities.


  • IC meeting agenda
  • execution of IC meetings
  • continuous updates of FlowStateTM, FlowPlanTM and FlowTargetTM





The starting point for all integration work is a description of the current state. Where are we today?

We carry out a SWOT analysis emphasising on the opportunities and threats as well as giving you integration benchmarks. By doing so we point out the areas with the highest potential to focus on in your business when it comes to systems integration.

FlowStateTM is based on Entiros well established  integration methodology but delivered tailor made to your needs and abilities.


  • Documentation of the current state
  • SWOT analysis focusing on opportunities and threats
  • Integration focus areas identification
  • Benchmark scores (CMMI-Capability Maturity Model Integration or OSIMM-Open Group Service Integration Maturity  Model)
  • Presentation workshop



During a FlowTargetTM we will identify and document the goals of the integration work. This work is always based on the company's overall business strategy and goals.

Within the field of integration, we provide you with business, systematic and technical goals that we will jointly work towards. Appropriate documentation tools are introduced, and we deliver a business case that illustrates the benefits of the integration work.

FlowTargetTM from Entiros is a future-proof product.


  • Target Architecture (business architecture, IS architecture, IT architecture)
  • Business case
  • Documentation
  • Presentation workshop



Man brukar säga att vägen är målet. Det vi gör med FlowPlanTM är att beskriva hur vägen fram till målet ser ut för just din verksamhet.

Vi genomför en GAP-analys inom IS, IT samt business för och sluta luckan mellan utgångsläge och mål. Med hjälp av den tar vi fram införandeplaner samt utfasningsplaner som ger direkt input till framtida projekt.

FlowPlanTM levereras alltid kundspecifik för att anpassas efter behov och förmågor.


  • GAP-analys
  • Införandeplan eller roadmap
  • Migrationsplan
  • Presentationsworkshop