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Entiros offers a number of strategy advisory services. The scope may vary from giving you a second opinion during a couple of days to run an entire integration centre for several years. For sure we have a product that will suit you and your needs. Kick off by signing up for a FlowHowTM in order to understand how we approach the topic of systems integration. 

As strategy adviser we are acting platform independently.


The purpose of our business unit Integration is to develop and implement integration projects in the most efficient manner possible. We have refined our processes, tools and competences during a long time in order to deliver high quality integrations at competitive pricing.

A brilliant example is the introduction of our EIC, Entiros Integration Center, which can be likened to an integration factory. EIC delivers a steady stream of integrations of high and consistent quality to our integration projects.

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Our operations commitment includes support around the clock, seven days a week (24/7) if you need so. We monitor all of your integrations and we are prepared to help you with our specialist support organisation.

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Business Value

Spaghetti Integrations can easily give you hidden operating costs and costly disaster rescues.
Start with open Integration today and make your business more competitive.

Business Value

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Entiros is at the forefront of the Integration industry. We deliver solutions with powerful open source tools. With the help of our partners, we deliver superior customer value to you.

Why Entiros?

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