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Do you want to be a part of challenging and developing the integration industry? The goal is set, the vision is clear. Buckle up, hold tight and let’s get going. The Entiros team is brave explorers, the goal is sky high: being the best integrations company in the universe! We say this with both our feet firmly on the ground. We want to loyally and faithfully follow our partners continued journey - long term in every relation.


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We are here to enable openness. We get information flowing for people that collaborate, share and empower each other within and between organisations. Read more


We challenge and develop the integration industry by being the most innovative and open integration provider on the market - a trusted advisor in integration - a true and complete integration partner. Read more


Our vision is an entire world, not one in pieces. We believe in an open and integrated world that is innovating above self, that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and great fun to live in. Read more

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Join us on the integration journey with Schibsted


Customer Reference SchibstedVOLVO CARS

The first Volvo rolled off the line in Gothenburg back in 1927. Since then, Volvo has gone from strength to strength and created groundbreaking inventions along the way. Now one of the world’s most respected car brands with sales in over 100 countries.
With it’s 400 teams working on applications and 1200 applications, Volvo Cars have one of Sweden’s largest integration networks. Together with Entiros, Volvo Cars create sustainable integration for the future through API Management. Are you interested in the latest technology and API’s? Join our journey with Volvo Cars.

Customer Reference GANTGANT

We are proud to be working with GANT, a lifestyle brand with roots from the American east coast. Available in over 70 countries with more than 700 GANT stores and 4 000 exclusive retailers. The collaboration between GANT and Entiros started in 2011. GANT needs transparency and structure in their IT solutions in 45 different markets, as well as powerful and flexible integration solutions and support for expansion. Join us and help us provide enablement for innovation for GANT.

Join us on the integration journey with GANT
Join us on the integration journey with Schibsted
Customer Reference SchibstedSCHIBSTED

Schibsted Media Group is operating in 25 countries with about 7200 employees. In Sweden, 1300 employees are working with some of Sweden's best known brands, such as Aftonbladet, Blocket,, Lendo, Prisjakt, Svenska Dagbladet and others. Schibsted wants to offer all companies and organizations in the Group a powerful and flexible integration solution. Enlist now and join the work with Schibsted's integration centers and create new digital opportunities for tomorrow's media world.

Customer Reference KeolisKEOLIS

Keolis Sweden today has approximately 6000 employees and is owned by the international public transport group Keolis. The group with 60,000 employees in 15 countries on four continents, is a leading global operator of public transportation. In order to maintain high service levels and stability it’s much needed for Keolis to have a flexible, scalable and reliable integration platform. Join the journey with Keolis and enable rapid and secure deployment of new systems.

Join us on the integration journey with Keolis


We are a team, we believe in the team spirit. One for all, all for one. Feel the fellowship and let yourself evolve, perform and feel really good at work. We are a flat, innovative organization that gives you the responsibility and the opportunity to develop and grow in your role.
We take on the challenges that face us with a clear goal in mind. We are not content to follow, we will lead the development of system integration. You will get the opportunity to participate in shaping the integration landscape of the future.
With us you will work with global companies, leaders in their respective industries, for example in the finance, media, automotive and the media industry. Work that enables innovative solutions and features not only to the companies but also for the world.
We believe in communication between systems as well between people. Together we can do great deeds. If you have not worked with integration before but is a real code-ninja we would really like to hear from you. We can give you a platform to grow, becoming a true specialist.
We have a special relationship to coffee, or to be completely honest, really good coffee. That smoking hot, fragrant cup of coffee is something special. A much-needed injection of energy or maybe relaxation. Whatever, we’ll grind those beans and serve you a real good cup of coffee, or Flowting Java as we say.
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