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Mule Soft provides Mule ESB - one of the leading integration platforms. The company was founded in 2003 by Ross Mason, CTO of MuleSoft. Today Mule ESB is the most widely used open source ESB, with more than 1.5 million downloads and over 2,500 production deployments. MuleSoft creates through its software an ideal combination of simplicity and power to today's integration solutions. MuleSoft has also developed the concept "Cloud Connect" with a number of connections for cloud / SaaS.

MULE ESB EE (Enterprise Edition) is the core of Entiros both offers. Entiros resells MULE ESB EE in the Nordic countries with traditional licensing on an annual basis with Entiros Organic ™ or as a cloud service with Entiros Dynamic ™, with billing based on usage.


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Infrastructure Partners



With over 7000 customers in Sweden,  City Network is one of the leading providers of server management. The company was founded in 2002 and in 2008 launched its cloud service City Cloud. City Network works with leading technology vendors such as Dell for delivery of blade servers, EqualLogic Device for storage and processing power and Cisco for network technologies such as switches, routers, etc.

City Network delivers redundancy, security and performance for Entiros Dynamic ™ and is the only company in Sweden that guarantees 100% uptime for its hosting services. To accomplish this, most systems needs not only redundancy but many times triple redundancy. Entiros heartily recommend City Network and their excellent hosting services.


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JSC is the district "Småländska Höglandets" largest IT partner with expertise in operations, infrastructure, hosting, cloud services, hardware and licenses. JSC was nominated to be a "Gazelle Company" by the newspaper Dagens Industri in 2009, In 2011, JSC was awarded to be the Entrepreneur of the Year award and came in 4th place in the survey "Sweden's Best Workplace 2012". JSC has since its start had a stable, positive development where good customer relations and strong economy has had the greatest impact.

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Competens Network Partners


Cloud Sweden is Sweden's largest independent network of expertise on issues relating to Cloud Computing.
We are a network of over 1900 + stakeholders who take a national approach to issues and build a competence center cloud issues with recommendations and peer review analysis. We work for quality excellence and cooperation across borders. Cloud Computing concerns both technology, business and law making it extra important gathering expertise in several areas.

Cloud Sweden has begun to work on a compilation of all documents into a publication that gives big picture of what to think about when a company wants to move gravity towards the cloud. Cloud Sweden currently has active working groups:

  • Law
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Infrastructure
  • Business Benefits

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EuroCloud Europe was founded in 2010 and is an umbrella organization run by 26 countries with unique activities held by local EuroCloud organizations. EuroCloud Sweden is a nonprofit organization and acts as an authority for the European Cloud Computing industry.

This networking with EuroCloud provides close access to expertise in the Cloud field, and to be connected to Eurocloud shows that a supplier is reputable and knowledgeable.

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