About Entiros

Who? What? Where? 



  • Is an innovative and fast growing company purely focused within systems integration

  • Integrates information systems based on innovative solutions and proven technology

  • Develop cloud based solutions and drives development within systems integration

  • Support Swedish and international companies in different line of businesses

  • Takes overall responsibility from pre-study to operations

  • Works with long term partnerships with our customers and partners

  • Is MuleSofts leading partner in the Nordic countries

  • Have roots in Småland and head office in scenic Tranås

  • Is driven by our Cloud Boards

Entiros Cloud Boards are our guiding stars, they are the foundation for developing the company, our employees, our customer offer and partnerships.


Entiros Cloud Boards


  • Mission - Enable openness
  • Core values – Entiros core values build on Customer value, Honesty and Competence
  • Vision – Entiros should be a leader in Nordic countries within integration of information systems and business processes
  • Business idea – Entiros shall based on resourses, methodology and technology for integration of information systems, develop and deliver open integration solutions to companies in the Nordic countries
  • Customer promise – Entiros strives to achieve or exceed the customer expectations in our deliveries
  • Technology promise – Entiros drive development within integration with innovative solutions based on proven technology
  • Empolyer idea – Entiros offers the optimal symbios between the employers and the companys development
  • Brand name – Entiros is a innovative, competent and technology independent integration partner
  • Corporate Social responsibility – Entiros takes our social responsibility for a long term sustainable society




About Integration

Integration links a companys system together so that information flows between them. This provides higher efficiency, the employees can reach the information without having to use multiple systems.


Why Entiros

Entiros is at the forefront of the Integration industry. We deliver solutions with powerful open source tools. With the help of our partners, we deliver superior customer value to you.

Why Entiros?